Episode 25 – An EduBlether with Haili Hughes (John Catt Educational Series)

Our first episode in the John Catt Educational Series. In Part 1 of our John Catt series we interview Haili Hughes on her new book 'Preserving Positivity'. This is a wide-ranging discussion all about how best to keep experienced educators in the classroom, as well as looking at the reasons why so many teachers leave... Continue Reading →

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EduBlether John Catt Educational Series

John Catt Educational are a leading publisher of professional development books for educators around the world. Check out their titles at JohnCatt.com We have teamed up with John Catt Educational to bring you a series of EduBlethers with a select group of authors from John Catt Educational. We are in the middle of securing dates... Continue Reading →

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Professional Learning: Never been better?

Through the Into Headship programme, I was fortunate enough to listen to Gayle Gorman at one of our national conferences. She spoke passionately about taking the politics out of education in what can be seen in her quote below. Move from a politically driven to a professionally led system. Gayle Gorman, HMIe Chief Inspector, Education... Continue Reading →

An EduBlether with Dr Emma Kell

  Originally published May 2019 We had a good EduBlether with Dr Emma Kell about her book and teaching in general. The book is a fantastic, warts-and-all look at teaching, told through many stories of real-life practitioners. Despite some horrific stories, the book remains positive and hopeful about our profession. What is abundantly obvious throughout... Continue Reading →

Teaching Walkthrus

I was looking for a new book to read and was recommended this by a friend. It is excellent value, only £3 on kindle! A really good book and I loved reading it - the kind that you just want more and that motivates you to pick it up each time. The book is structured... Continue Reading →

Episode 24 – An EduBlether with Patrice Bain (Powerful Teaching – Unleash the Science of Learning)

In this episode of EduBlether, we welcome Patrice Bain, co-author of the book 'Powerful Teaching - Unleash the science of learning'. We discuss knowledge, critical thinking, assessment, curriculum and lots more. It was a fascinating discussion with some great practical ideas for how to begin using these research-informed strategies or 'power tools' in your classroom.... Continue Reading →

Episode 23 – Digital Learning

In Episode 23 of EduBlether we discuss Digital Learning. We think about Pedagogy, the SAMR model, equity, access, professional learning and so much more. Let us know your feedback on Twitter @edublether What is your experience of Digital Learning been? Why do you think we have not made the advancements in Digital Learning that we... Continue Reading →

Episode 20 – Leadership of Change

In this new format podcast, we have stripped it back to focus on our EduBlether and we are delighted to be sharing it with you. We focus on leadership of change and talk about improvement planning, self-evaluation and change leadership. This includes pupils, parents and staff and we hope you find this episode both interesting... Continue Reading →

Episode 19 – An EduBlether with Blair Minchin

In this episode of EduBlether, we have an EduBlether with Blair Minchin, a passionate and enthusiastic Primary Teacher in Edinburgh who, amongst a range of other things, creates superb videos sharing his practice on Twitter. Please follow him on for some excellent content @Mr_Minchin We also have our usual features where we recommend the work... Continue Reading →

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