Senior Leadership By Jon Tait

This book, as part of the Bloomsbury CPD library, is a fantastic read and one that all aspiring and experienced leaders of educational establishments should have on their shelves.

The book is split in to useful stages (Stage 1: Are you ready for leadership? All the way through to Stage 5: Enjoying Senior Leadership) These stages make it incredibly easy to navigate and find what is of interest. It is for this reason that I will be coming back to the book again and again. The book is packed full of interesting and useful information for those in Senior management teams in a school. There are practical hints and tips for what to do before even starting your leadership position, then several chapters on worthwhile topics such as difficult conversations or leading improvements.

Each section is neatly summed up with to do lists, reading material (including blog recommendations) and key takeaway messages.

This book addresses the challenges present when making the shift between being a high quality classroom teacher, to managing staff rather than children.

Tait also includes a full set of helpful, ready to use training plans for 20 hours of CPD sessions to use within your school and senior leadership team. All handouts and presentations are available as a free download from the companion website.

It really does offer an awful lot and I would recommend it to anyone who is in a senior leadership post in a school or is considering making the move in to leadership soon. The book is interesting to read and captures the essence of leadership in a school. It felt like having an friendly experienced mentor with me the whole time I was reading it.


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