Episode 6 – Top tips for getting your next teaching job

Listen to Episode 6 - Getting your next teaching job In this episode of EduBlether, we focus on getting your next teaching post.  @edublether provide you with top ten tips in getting your next teaching post.  We also have the usual features: in the news, we recommend and inspired by. Please check out edublether.wordpress.com and... Continue Reading →


Episode 1 – Growth Mindset

Listen to Episode 1 - Growth Mindset: Our very first episode of @EduBlether. In this episode we introduce ourselves and discuss the recruitment of teachers. We also focus on Growth Mindset as our main feature. Lastly, we suggest the @DayOne app and tell you about @TeamSCEL SCEL Framework in our 'inspired by' section. Follow us... Continue Reading →

Teacher Leadership

The landscape of Scottish education has changed significantly over the past 10 years, with the importance of leadership highlighted like never before.


This is a fantastic site from Jo Boaler (among others) with the mission of creating a Maths revolution. That revolution is mainly based on trying to get Maths teachers and children to believe that everyone can learn Maths to a high level. The website is a treasure trove of ideas, articles, videos and resources for... Continue Reading →

Computational Thinking

In our most recent episode, we discuss computational thinking with Kate Farrell (Teacher of Computing Science). Computational Thinking involves different concepts and approaches. This poster from @BarefootComp is a fantastic overview of what a computational thinker does. This topic interests us for so many reasons. Firstly, we are passionate about technology and computing and understand... Continue Reading →

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