X-Ray Goggles by Mozilla

This is a great tool for playing about with websites. Designed to be used on desktop, rather than tablet, this tool allows you to remix any websites on the internet. Change pictures, text, headlines etc then publish and see what happens. No coding experience is needed and the tool is very straightforward to use. This... Continue Reading →

Episode 3 – Computational Thinking

  Listen to Episode 3 - Computational Thinking: Our third episode of EduBlether where we take an in depth look at Computational Thinking. We interview Kate Farrell (@digitalkatie) about her involvement in the changing landscape of computing education in Scotland as well as bringing you all the usual features of: In the news, We recommend... Continue Reading →

Computational Thinking

In our most recent episode, we discuss computational thinking with Kate Farrell (Teacher of Computing Science). Computational Thinking involves different concepts and approaches. This poster from @BarefootComp is a fantastic overview of what a computational thinker does. This topic interests us for so many reasons. Firstly, we are passionate about technology and computing and understand... Continue Reading →

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