X-Ray Goggles by Mozilla

This is a great tool for playing about with websites. Designed to be used on desktop, rather than tablet, this tool allows you to remix any websites on the internet. Change pictures, text, headlines etc then publish and see what happens. No coding experience is needed and the tool is very straightforward to use. This... Continue Reading →


Code Club

Code Club - A great resource to learn how to code  


Pocket - a handy app that stores all your useful documents for reading in one place.  It can be used to store documents from twitter, websites, news apps and anything really.


One Note - There are several versions of OneNote available, including Class Notebook.  A great way for all young people to have an online jotter and learning space.  A really good tool to share notes and learning if you like having your class working collaboratively.  It is also a really neat way of keeping all... Continue Reading →

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