Episode 16 – An EduBlether with David Cameron

In this wide ranging interview, David Cameron shares his thoughts, experiences and wisdom. An exhilarating interview. Listen to Episode 16 - An EduBlether with David Cameron.

Episode 13 – Professional Learning

Listen to this episode on spotify, apple podcast, soundcloud or any other podcasting app. You can also click on the picture above to listen to this episode.

Episode 8 – Scottish education’s PRD

In this episode, we carry out Scottish education's PRD to analyse: what's going well? What has been challenging? What are the next steps? And what support is needed in order to get there? We also have our usual features of #InTheNews #WeRecommend and #InspiredBy. We have been inspired by #PortyLF and @SirJJones #MagicWeavingBusiness and we... Continue Reading →

SCEL Framework

SCEL Framework - an excellent resources pulling together online learning opportunities and endorsed leadership programmes for teachers in Scotland.

Episode 4 – Teacher Leadership

Listen to Episode 4 - Teacher Leadership: In this episode of EduBlether, we focus on Teacher Leadership. We have a fantastic interview with Fearghal Kelly (@fkelly) who is lead specialist for Teacher Leadership at the Scottish College for Educational Leadership (@TeamSCEL). We also have the usual features: in the news, we recommend and inspired by.... Continue Reading →

Teacher Leadership

The landscape of Scottish education has changed significantly over the past 10 years, with the importance of leadership highlighted like never before.

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